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Bright, bold sunflower prints on cotton dresses and full airy skirts are perfect for sunny days and holidays, your girl will stand out in a crowd and will be cool in crisp cotton.

Looking for something a little chic! If bold floral prints are not for you and you prefer a cool crisp palette of navy, white and beige choose something from our French-inspired range. This collection oozes sophistication. Your little girl will look beautiful in our lovely dress with the full skirt and integral petticoat. Gorgeous scalloped trim details around the neck and waist make these pieces extra pretty.

As soon as you welcome a baby girl into the world, you are likely going to want to cherish everything that she does! Therefore, it makes all the sense in the world that you should dress her in the best quality baby clothes for girls online. While it’s easy to assume that the best clothes and deals are available on the high street, you can now find some truly adorable baby girl dresses and outfit choices through online designer outlets.
Daisies & Conkers offers a wonderful array of baby girl clothes and sleepwear to last those wonderful first few years of her life. If your daughter means the world to you, you’ll likely want to find her gorgeous, comfortable clothes to help make growing up that little bit more special. It’s tempting to look for cheap clothes for baby girls from the moment they are born. However, it makes more sense to invest in chic, effortlessly stylish baby girls clothes which match the season.
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Baby Girl Clothes
When looking for the best baby girl clothes online, you should of course be looking for cute designs, quality stitching, and comfortable fabrics. Here at Daisies & Conkers, we combine all three. Choose cute floral dresses for your baby girl, and why not complement her look with an adorable little hat? At the end of it all, we are pleased to offer you a creative, colourful selection of looks which will be sure to give you and your daughter or niece extra confidence when out and about.
Daisies & Conkers is proud to emerge as a leading designer for baby girls and boys alike. Our designers and clothes makers work extremely hard to create unique fashion lines for little girls. Fed up of seeing the same old looks and styles in the same old shops? We have our fingers on the pulse of female fashion – specifically, for little ones!
Our baby girl clothes are soft to the touch and are made with genuine care. We use the best fabrics and work hard to strength-test all our garments before retail and dispatch. Therefore, you are never investing in low-quality fabrics or stitching – on that you can certainly rely! Why not take a closer look?

Designer Baby Girl Clothes
As a new parent, we understand that you are going to want the best for your son or daughter. However, when choosing clothes for your baby girl, it can be hard to balance style with value. You may like the look of designer baby girl dresses and outfit accoutrements – but to some people, the word ‘designer’ conjures up an idea that these clothes are likely to be expensive!
Not at all. We create designer baby girl clothes on a truly unique basis. This means that the beautiful looks and touches you’ll find in our online store are simply not available elsewhere. We offer an exclusive collection of baby girl fashion which is sure to help create a unique look for your daughter or niece.
Designer baby clothes do not have to be expensive. In fact, we aim to offer as much genuine value as possible in all that we design, make, and sell. We understand that parents are always likely to be budgeting heavily for all aspects of the first year of parenthood. Therefore, if we can help lighten the financial load for you, we will!
Choose baby girl clothes of great quality and great value!

Baby Girl Clothes Sale
Looking around for a by girl clothes sale, but are struggling to find quality fabrics at a rate you can feasibly afford? Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find a balance between great quality clothing and affordable fashion pricing. Therefore, you should be sure to look for a designer line who is willing to set up a sale or two to help bring you the best of their manufacture!
At Daisies & Conkers, we regularly run baby girl clothes sale events. This means that from season to season, you can always expect to find great quality garments and fabrics on offer at a cut rate. Once again – this never means that the quality of baby girl clothes you buy from us ever fails to live up to the standards you expect!
To take advantage of our baby girl clothes sales and discount rates, we always advise you to follow us on social media, and to get in touch with us through email. Simply sign up to our email list and we will let you know as soon as there is a sale active on the baby clothes and designer fashion you’re interested in.
Don’t feel you have to pay full RRP for all baby girl clothes!

Newborn Baby Girl Clothes
One of the most exciting parts of welcoming a baby girl is thinking about what you’re likely to dress her in! Many parents spend months ahead of their daughter’s birth looking into fashion lines and choices. If you’re expecting a daughter, why not start following Daisies & Conkers and take advantage of upcoming sales for newborn baby girl clothes?
Our wonderful newborn baby girl clothes lines offer gorgeous colours, finishing and comfort. You may wish to invest in beautiful newborn baby girl sleepwear to help her drift off to sleep at night. It’s safe to say you’ll probably be looking for as much encouragement as possible in that regard!
Affordable newborn baby girl clothes are always likely to pop up in our sale events. Therefore, if you’re heading into the third trimester and are keen to stock up your daughter’s forthcoming wardrobe, it is always worth keeping an eye on our newborn baby clothes sale events.
We regularly cut prices and rates on our popular baby girl fashions and clothes. It pays to prepare for your new arrival as much as possible – and by stocking up on affordable newborn baby girl clothes, you can be sure that you’re ready to welcome her with soft and beautiful fashion choices.

Winter Baby Girl Clothes
Keeping your baby girl warm during winter is always going to be so important! Therefore, why not take a look at some of our softer fabrics and baby girl knitwear collections? Gentle colours and styles are likely to appeal to any new parents who want to keep their little girl safe and comfortable during some of the coldest months of the year.
All parents are likely to want to wrap up their boys and girls as much as possible when winter rolls around. Winter is a really exciting time when you become a parent. However, you must be prepared to dress up your baby girl in warm, comfortable clothing for the cold weeks ahead! Don’t worry – as Daisies & Conkers is always here to ensure that you have enough choice in adorable winter baby girl outfits.
From wonderful knitted hats to cosy jumpsuits made to keep in the warmth, our lovely line of baby girl winter tops and dresses won’t just serve a practical purpose – they will look absolutely adorable! Why not welcome the winter by offering your baby girl a beautiful new outfit or two? Daisies & Conkers offer bespoke fashion choices to help you set up cosy, creative looks.

Summer Baby Girl Clothes
When the warmer weather rolls around, you’re going to need to keep your baby girl cool – in terms of comfort as well as looks! Therefore, why not start looking for light, flowing clothing to dress your baby girl in? You may wish to opt for embroidered dresses or airy tops and bottoms to ensure that she is comfortable and confident throughout the warmest of days.
Our summer baby girls clothes are designed and manufactured to offer an exclusive, designer look. We understand that parents are likely to be looking at all kinds of baby fashions both on the high street as well as online. That’s why we want to make sure you have access to the best quality baby summer fashions – in colours, aesthetics, comfort, and fabric quality. Ultimately, you’re only going to want the best for your daughter!
Therefore, as well as making sure that your baby girl has plenty of cosy winter warmers, looking for thinner fabrics that are likely to keep her cooler when the sun comes out. If you’re expecting a daughter, it makes perfect sense to invest in summer and winter wardrobes alike! This way, you can ensure that she has a beautiful outfit for all seasons!

Baby Girl Dresses, Baby Girl Outfits, Baby Girl Wear
Of course, you will also likely be keen to look for beautiful baby girl dresses and baby girl sleepsuits. What sets Daisies & Conkers apart from other children’s fashion lines in this regard is our spectacular array of choice – with a focus on quality. Looking for embroidered collars and gorgeous flowery clothing for your baby girl? We will always be only too happy to help you.
What’s more, when you shop with Daisies & Conkers, you can be sure that you have access to truly unique fashion choices. You will never find our unique designs and looks elsewhere online or on then high street. Therefore, if you are keen to find a complete baby girl outfit for summer or winter, all you’ll need to do is take a look at our seasonal collections.
If you’re a new parent, or are awaiting a baby girl, now is the time to start thinking about finding her some gorgeous clothes. Keep a look out for our famous sales and do make sure to follow us closely on social media. Need help finding the best looks for your baby girl? Do also remember that you can reach out to us for help and guidance at any time. Choose the best of Daisies & Conkers for your baby girl!