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Beautiful Clothes For Baby Girls

Cute love heart printed dresses with frilled neck trims and pretty bows, and all-in-one rompers in baby blue are perfect if you are looking for something other than pink for your little girl.

Your baby girl will look beautiful in our three-piece set including a cute bonnet or lovely dress with a full skirt with an integral petticoat. Gorgeous trim details around the neck and waist make these pieces extra pretty.

Daisies and Conkers designer fashion brand for babies

Our girls knitted suits will ensure your cute baby girl looks the part at any special occasion this season. Sweet bonnets and embroidered woven peter pan collars play up the traditional look. Wrap her up in lovely comfy tops adorned with gorgeous contrasting knits, pretty knitted flowers, and pink bows. Matching knitted trousers will ensure your baby looks their best on every occasion.

Choose a cardigan from our collection of lightweight knits to layer up keeping your little girl warm on a cool summers evening.

Fashionable Little Boys Clothes

Looking for traditional, cute and cuddly then opt for our gorgeous knitted sets for your baby. Our three-piece sets comprising of tops, footed trousers and bonnets in a lovely sky blue colour will ensure your baby looks great. The sweet bonnet and the tops embroidered woven peter-pan collar plays up the traditional look. Adorned with gorgeous contrasting knits, pretty knitted flowers and a blue bow your baby boy look adorable. Daisies and Conkers gorgeous two-piece knit suit in silver/grey is a good choice if you want to steer clear of blue. Your baby will be comfortable in this stretch cotton yarn. The top is adorned with a gorgeous cable knit panel down the front and it has a high neckline that is finished with beautiful a lace ribbon trim. A brilliant pair of matching bloomers will ensure your baby boy looks their best on any occasion this season.

Designer Clothes Online For Baby Boys

Looking for something lighter! Then turn heads by dressing your little boy in our love heart printed romper or short set. The lightweight cotton fabric and relaxed fit will be cool and airy while the cute styles ensure your baby looks stylish. Toddlers will look so smart in our coordinated top and short sets easily adapted for any occasion.

Daisies and Conkers boy’s shirts and shorts can be worn with a smart cardigan, long socks and smart shoes for a wedding or christening or can be teamed with a jumper and trainers for an afternoon in the park.

Are you looking for cute, affordable baby clothes? Struggling to find a London fashion retailer offering you genuine value for children’s outfits and baby sleepwear? Here at Daisies & Conkers, we provide a gorgeous collection of baby jumpsuits, shirts, tops, dresses and more besides. We focus on creating superb quality clothing that your baby girl or baby boy will look adorable in during their formative years.
We also understand that baby clothes will only last so long! That’s why our beautiful clothing line offers precious looks for such a precious time. What’s more, you can always rest assured knowing that the clothes you buy from our line offer the best in tailoring and stitching quality. Why risk buying inferior fashion for your children on the high street?
Looking for newborn clothing or toddler outfits? Take a look at our stunning range of clothes and accessories in our catalogue and read on to learn more about what we offer.

Baby Clothes
From rompers to sleepwear, we always make sure to deliver a wonderful array of choice for new parents. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know which clothes and looks are going to suit your baby boy or girl the best! That’s why we are so happy to offer flower-stitched dresses, beautiful bonnets, and petticoats.
Our baby clothes are inspired by fashions going back decades – even classic styles heading back centuries! However, you can always rest assured that the quality knitting, embroidery and finishing of our clothes is of a stunning, modern standard. You will not expect to benefit from this quality of manufacture elsewhere on the high street or online!
Whether you are looking for tradition or something at the cutting edge of contemporary children’s fashion, we are a fashion line that aims to please. Our designers have been working hard to develop gorgeous looks and styles for babies and young children across the UK for many years. Together, Daisies & Conkers offers a beautiful bounty of baby clothes that’s simply too difficult to resist!
Choose baby clothes with precious embroidery and stitching – gorgeous colours, styles and traditional knitwear is all available from our catalogue. Your baby might not be able to tell you what they want from their clothes just yet – but set them on a great path with some truly beautiful clothing options.

Designer Baby Clothes
If you are looking for designer baby clothes on the London high street, or are struggling to find a reputable retailer online, we are pleased to offer you a genuine difference in quality and value. Our team works hard to create true fashion. The looks available in our designer baby clothes collection are completely exclusive. Therefore, why spend your time looking for the same old baby grows and dresses on the high street?
Designer baby clothes benefit from unique looks, top quality manufacture, and an incredible eye for detail. You only have to look at the fine stitching and finishing on our dresses, collars, shorts, tops and more to see what we are referring to.
Even our gorgeous unisex sleepsuits are among the most stylish baby clothes you’ll find online. We pride ourselves on becoming a leading name in designer baby clothes across the UK. If you are serious about investing in the best looks for your little ones, we will be only too happy to help you realise this dream.
Why shop around for cheaply made clothing when you can sample designer baby clothes online for less? Daisies & Conkers offers a beautiful selection of clothing and accessories for baby girls and boys alike. Choose a brilliant designer label you can rely on.

Baby Dresses, Baby Outfits and Baby Wear
Looking for more than just a simple baby grow or sleepwear line? You’ll love dressing up your baby girl or boy up in our adorable outfits, complete with tops, trousers, hats, dresses and more. As soon as your babies are able to start toddling along, you will no doubt want to dress them up in the cutest looks possible! Here at Daisies & Conkers, we understand that new parents will likely love the idea of dressing up their little ones in gorgeous colours and fabrics. If you’re stuck for inspiration, you only have to take a quick look through our online catalogue to see what we have available!
Our baby t-shirts will be comfy and look fantastic on boys and girls alike. However, for special occasions, we also retail in baby hats and dresses which will really help give your little ones that extra bit of confidence. Why not start them on the right path early? You may also wish to take a closer look at our baby sleepwear range, too. Our woven and knitted ranges will not only look wonderful, but they will also help your baby drift off to sleep in blissful comfort. As a new parent, you will likely be looking for as much help with sleep as possible!

Winter Baby Clothes
Of course, you are going to want to keep your baby girl or boy comfy and cosy as the colder months roll in. Therefore, we have set up a wonderful collection of winter baby clothes to protect against the wind and rain. When your children are really tiny, you really can’t do enough to protect them against the elements! Therefore, be sure to invest in spectacular quality knitwear and looks which are likely to look great for the months to come.
We understand that babies grow up very quickly indeed! That’s why our baby winter wear is amongst the roomiest and comfiest. We’re certain you will get longer wear from our winter baby clothes than you might expect from other brands online. Therefore, whether you are looking for comfortable winter clothing for a newborn or a toddler, you can be sure that we have a wide enough selection to appeal to your needs.
Our designer winter clothes are just as gorgeous as our summer collections! Choose from comfy hats and jumpers to cardigans and other knitwear. Baby knitwear from Daisies & Conkers is effortlessly stylish, and what’s more, it’s guaranteed to keep even the tiniest of bodies warm as winter approaches. Take a look!

Summer Baby Clothes
Of course, as important as it is to keep your children warm in winter, you should also make sure to cool them down in summer, too! At Daisies & Conkers, we offer a beautiful collection of summer baby clothes which are bright, colourful, and exiting. From summer hats and dresses to creative, vibrant t-shirt styles and adorable shorts, you can be sure to find a wide selection of looks for baby girls and boys alike.
Summer is a wonderful time of year to start dressing your children in bright, cheerful fashion! Choose high-quality dresses with gorgeous stitching and cute symbols. Or, why not contrast and complement your daughter’s outfit with bows and knitted flowers? You might even wish to complement your outfit for a baby boy with an exciting hat or pair of jeans.
We want to make sure that modern parents have access to modern baby clothes and accessories which will not only keep their children comfy, but which will also look stunning throughout the brighter months. Summer is the time of year that everyone starts thinking about brighter colours and styles. Therefore, why should your little ones miss out? Try some of our leading styles and looks.

Baby Clothes Sale
Are you looking to save money through a modern baby clothes sale? At Daisies & Conkers, we strive to offer fantastic quality across all our lines. We pride ourselves on being a leading name in affordable designer fashion for the smallest of aficionados! While you might save money sometimes by paying for cheap clothes on the high street, there is never any guarantee that you are going to receive the best possible quality in manufacture, stitching and finishing.
Therefore, you should be looking for cute baby clothing online with a seasoned brand of design experts – but can you always be guaranteed that you are getting a great deal? At Daisies & Conkers, you can rest easy knowing that we will always offer the best value clothing and fashion lines for the money you expect to pay. We never compromise the quality of our clothing designs and manufacture for the price tags we expect.
Looking for a leading baby clothes sale with genuine quality products at low rates? You really need look no further than our online store at Daisies & Conkers. We want to make sure you receive the best in baby clothes manufacture for prices that won’t break the bank.

Newborn Baby Clothes
If you’re celebrating a new arrival, it’s likely that you are going to be thinking about investing in top quality newborn baby clothes! In which case, it is always a good idea to find a reputable fashion line who can offer you adorable looks at affordable prices. It’s tempting to just look for newborn sleepwear and jumpsuits on the high street – but when you shop with a leading children’s fashion label online, you will always have access to the best quality stitching and designs for less than you’d expect to pay elsewhere.
Daisies & Conkers is pleased to offer new parents and parents-to-be a beautiful selection of newborn fashion items. Comfortable, easy-clean sleep suits and rompers are just some of the wonderful clothing options we have to offer. It’s easy to look for clothes for baby girls and boys through our online store.
However, if you do have any questions about our fashions, clothing options and lines, do make sure to reach out to the Daisies & Conkers team. Call, email or reach out through social media, and we will always be happy to help you make the right choice.
Baby clothes may only last a short while, but why waste money on cheap manufacturing and finishing? Stick with Daisies & Conkers for some truly wonderful looks.