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baby girls clothes


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Daisies & Conkers is modern clothing line for the modern parent. Offering beautiful baby clothes and garments for young children, we offer stunning collections likely to give extra confidence to you and your little ones! Specialising in designer wear for youngsters from newborn upwards, we work to produce a beautiful line of fashion likely to help your kids stand out in the best way possible.
Just had a baby and want to give them the best start possible? Start looking for gorgeous clothes and knitwear options which they can comfortably grow into. Whether you are looking for designer t-shirts or dresses for your children, you can be sure that we will offer a range of options to suit your tastes as well as your little ones!
Finding great-looking, affordable children’s fashion online can sometimes be tricky. That’s why, here at Daisies & Conkers, we are working hard to deliver a spectacular collection of clothing that not only helps your children feel confident and look great, but which will also be friendly to your budget.
Want to know more about our sale items, or what we can offer you in our collections for boys and girls? Make sure to read on, or to contact our team for more details as soon as you are ready.

Baby Clothes
Baby clothes may not be used forever, but that doesn’t mean you should ever compromise on quality and style. If you are proud of your little one, you will likely want to show them off to the world! Start by setting up a wonderful wardrobe of comfy sleepsuits, knitwear, and baby outfits likely to keep them warm and comfy for the months ahead.
We understand that children grow incredibly quickly! That’s why our clothes for baby girls and boys are always ready to stretch and adapt to a wide variety of adventures. We know that children love to explore, too – which is why you’ll find our spectacular fashion collections to be hard-wearing and always easy to clean.
Baby clothes may get grown out of fairly quickly. However, you’re going to need to show your little one a wonderful quality of life before they can start picking out their own garments! Therefore, choose marvellously stitched and woven baby grows and sleepwear at prices you can feasibly afford. We don’t believe in overcharging for any kind of baby clothes – as soon enough, you’re going to need to invest in a whole new wardrobe and clothing selection for them in the years to come!

Baby Girls Clothes
Finding the best baby girls clothes for your pride and joy isn’t always as easy as you might imagine. Looking for cute dresses and adorable skirts? What about comfortable, easy-clean baby jumpsuits and sleepwear? If you’ve welcomed a baby girl recently, then you are likely to want to find something chic yet adorable to dress them up in. One of the most exciting parts of welcoming a baby girl or boy into the world is choosing their first clothes! Therefore, we want to offer you the best possible start imaginable.
Baby girls’ clothes from Daisies & Conkers are beautifully made and are designed for all kinds of rough and tumble. It’s at this time that your daughter will be starting to explore the world – meaning that you’re going to need a trendy baby wardrobe which is always going to be easy to clean and dry for regular use.
Baby girls’ clothes come in all kinds of looks and styles. We offer smart and casual collections alike. Not only that, but if you’d like to go beyond the traditional pinks and soft purples for girls, you can! Simply shop our full range and take a look at our stunning outfit choices for baby girls available in our sale right now.

Baby Boys Clothes
As you can imagine, baby boys can be a particular handful – and some say they never really grow out of that! Therefore, it makes sense to not only look for carefully made baby boys clothes and outfit ideas which help them look cute and smart, but also those which are going to withstand all kinds of tumbles and messes along the way.
Baby boys and girls can both get messy – let’s not stereotype! Therefore, you’re going to want to look for high quality boys sleepsuits which you can easily pop in the washing machine, leave to dry and carefully iron from use to use. Our clothes for baby boys are of an incredibly high standard, meaning that we are always proud to deliver a stunning level of value to all our customers.
You may already be looking for baby boys clothes elsewhere online, or even on the high street. As a new parent, it’s not always easy to know what’s going to work best for your son. As they are unable to give you any clear opinions just yet, the way you dress them is entirely up to you!
Baby boys clothes from Daisies & Conkers are designed to look wonderful in all weathers.

Unisex Baby Clothes
Daisies & Conkers also makes sure to specialise in all manner of unisex baby clothes, too. The days of purely dressing boys in blue and girls in pink are behind us! Yes – these looks are still really cute and work wonderfully across our various fashion lines – however, we are extremely proud to offer unisex baby clothing without any mark of gender.
This means that if you really are stuck on what your baby girl or baby boy is going to look best in for the seasons to come, you can rest easy knowing that we have a wider choice online than many big chains and names offer on the high street! Don’t ever feel that you have to stick to a specific style or look. The choice is always going to be yours. That is, until your children are old enough to let you know otherwise!
Stunning unisex baby clothes from Daisies & Conkers will look gorgeous on your newborn – they will grow into some of our most comfortable sleepwear and outfit choices, too. Fancy treating them to a hat? Why not? Shop our full range and build a unique outfit or two for your children in complete confidence.

Baby Knitwear Clothes
Baby knitwear clothes are, of course, always likely to be some of the most comfortable and enduring. Knitwear is timeless – and when it is knitted well, it will withstand all the rough and tumble that babies and toddlers are known to put it through, as well as wash after wash. Therefore, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about the longevity of knitwear you purchase from Daisies & Conkers.
Our baby knitwear range will help your son or daughter look adorable across the seasons. From cardigans to everyday wear, babies love to feel protected and comfortable. Is there anything more comfortable and stylish than baby knitwear? Possibly not.
Therefore, do make sure to shop our full range. We often supply discount rates on our designer knitwear from time to time, meaning that if you are looking to dress your babies up in the wintertime, a knitted option or two might be just what you are looking for.
For warmth, comfort and genuine style, affordable baby knitwear could be a great option for your child’s wardrobe moving into the colder months. Why not take the time to have a closer look around our online store and find out more about what we have available?

At Daisies & Conkers, we love a good sale – and so might you! Wherever possible, we aim to offer our superb baby clothes collections at fantastic sale prices. We already retail beautiful baby clothes and toddler wardrobe choices at incredible value. Compared to the high street, you are likely to find a bargain or two on high quality, hard-wearing children’s clothes through our online store.
You will also be pleased to hear that we offer big discount opportunities and sales on a wide variety of different children and baby clothing lines across the year. Looking for tops and dresses for summer? What about cosy hats and clothes for the winter months? We’ll set up a brilliant sale or two for you – make sure you save as much money as you can!
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Looking for spectacular children and baby fashion for your little ones? Daisies & Conkers is an online children’s fashion retailer with a difference. We offer top quality clothing at prices you can feasibly afford.
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