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We know only too well that parents have plenty of money already leaving their bank accounts! Therefore, the idea of a discount baby clothes sale is always likely to appeal to them! With this in mind, we host regular sale events and make sure to retail our lines as cheaply as possible for the sheer quality you receive in return.
Daisies & Conkers is a name in high quality designer baby clothes perfect for girls and boys. From cute dresses and tops to newborn sleepsuits, you can be sure that we will have the look and practicality you are striving for from a modern babywear supplier. Why not take a look at our sales selection now?

Baby Clothes Sale
It’s always worth looking out for a leading baby clothes sale when you’re expecting a little one. There is also the fact that your little ones are going to grow very quickly indeed! Therefore, it’s not beyond most parents to want to save as much money as possible. We really can’t blame them – however, you must be careful that you’re not receiving cheap goods for cheap rates.
At Daisies & Conkers, we make sure to create and retail fantastic quality clothes for baby girls and baby boys. From summer tops, shorts and unisex rompers to winter knitwear and cosier, comfortable swaddling, you can be sure that we have a fantastic range of variety in our clothing selection.
Right now, your baby is not going to be able to tell you what they’re looking for from clothing – meaning what you choose to dress them in is entirely down to you! That’s not putting any pressure on you – in fact, if you take a look through our amazing baby clothes sale items, you’re likely going to find a wide array of potential picks and choices to last your little one for time to come.
Want to spend less on baby clothes? Take a look out for our leading baby clothes sale as soon as you can.

Baby Girls Clothes Sale
If you’ve recently welcomed a new daughter, then it’s of course likely that you are going to look for a baby girls clothes sale online or on the high street. Either way, it makes sense to try and save money on dresses and cute clothing for your little one.
Matching with cute hats and bows, Daisies & Conkers offers a charming, colourful, and adorable selection of girls’ clothing for babies and toddlers alike. No two looks are quite the same – and if you really want the bespoke best for your little girl, you’re going to want to hold out for our fantastic sale items.
Wherever possible, we want to help you with the best price for girls’ clothes online. We make sure to take a close look at the competition and will offer you a rate on baby girls clothes that you’re unlikely to match on the high street.
Our baby girls clothing is of fantastic quality – we want to make sure you dress your daughter in lovely materials and styles, and what’s more, we want you and her to feel confident in everything she does! Why shop around for cheap clothing when you can buy great quality stock at an affordable price?

Baby Boys Clothes Sale
We all know that boys can be a handful, and baby boys are certainly no different! From a young age, they are likely to be getting into just about everything! Therefore, you’re going to need to make sure you invest in baby boy clothes which are hard-wearing, easy to clean, and which look fantastic. Why not go for a colourful romper suit, or a charming top and trousers set? You want to be proud of your son – and therefore, it makes sense to look for clothing and fashion that you can really show him off in.
Our baby boys clothes sale items will come around regularly. Therefore, if you are looking for new clothes for your son and are unsure which looks are likely to work best, why not see what we have on offer? If you follow us through social media or our email list, we’ll let you know when you can expect cut rates on baby boy clothing – the latest in modern, trendy boys clothing never has to be expensive!
Cool and smart baby boy clothes are likely to come down in price when we set up our next sale – keep your eyes peeled! Why spend more elsewhere?

Unisex Baby Clothes Sale
If you’re unsure whether you are having a boy or a girl, you may wish to hold off for a unisex baby clothes sale. This is a great idea – as it means that you don’t have to pay more for a boy or girl outfit unless you really want to! Some of our best unisex baby clothing is also some of our most popular. From unisex sleepsuits and jumpsuits to tops and shorts, the way you dress your baby is entirely up to you! Therefore, make sure to take a look at our unisex baby clothes range for the full lowdown.
Or, even better, why not hold on for a full sale? We will advertise widely when we have unisex rompers and baby clothes on offer here at Daisies & Conkers – it will be a huge event that you can get involved in at short notice! We’re already pleased to be able to offer fantastic quality baby clothes at such low prices. However, when we set up a sale, you get an even bigger set of savings.
Don’t pay more for unisex baby clothing elsewhere – wait for a big discount or set of deals through our online store.

Baby Knitwear Clothes Sale
Baby knitwear remains hugely popular! While knitwear for little ones has been around for decades, modern knitwear has never been more appealing. Therefore, if you’re really keen to look for the latest trendy styles for your baby girl or baby boy, you’re going to want to hold out for the best knitwear for babies this side of London.
Daisies & Conkers offers a full baby knitwear clothes sale frequently – meaning that it’s always a great idea to keep an eye on our site, social media, and emails to see what’s going on in our online collection. Knitwear is a really cute idea of baby girls and boys – meaning that if you are looking for a chic outfit or two, you may want to hang on until wintertime!
That said, you may be able to dress your baby in light knitwear during other seasons, albeit when the weather takes a turn for the worse! You should certainly look through our summer sales on lighter clothing for your baby if you want to protect them from the heat.
However, for winter warmth and general cosiness, you can’t beat great quality knitwear. Hold out for our baby knitwear clothes sale! We’ll let you know when it pops up.

Designer Baby Clothes Sale
Designer baby clothes are hugely popular in the modern age! You might already be looking for modern fashion lines offering baby versions of your favourite styles. There’s certainly no harm in this! However, do make sure to hold out for a designer baby clothes sale if you really want to save money on the best looks for your baby girl or boy. As Surrey baby clothes specialists, you can be sure we work hard to produce designer looks at genuine value to new parents.
Why spend your time shopping around for cheap baby clothes elsewhere with cheap manufacture? If you’re keen to dress your baby in the best designer looks at the best price, you should always keep your eyes open for a sale. Not everything on sale is going to be reduced to clear, either! In fact, we only ever have our best products and lines up for sale at any given time – take a chance on what we have available at a lower cost!
It’s a misconception that designer baby clothes have to be expensive. In fact, they are more affordable than ever before. Be sure to keep checking our store for the latest deals and rates. Who knows how much you could save?

Newborn Baby Clothes Sale
Having a baby is a really exciting time! The big day’s coming fast, and you have plenty to think about. One of the many, many things you will probably be juggling around in your mind is how you’re going to dress your new baby girl or boy as soon as they make an appearance! That’s why it makes perfect sense to start looking for a leading newborn baby clothes sale as the big day approaches.
We’re here to take one more hassle off your plate. Instead of struggling to find baby clothes after the big event, why not spend some of your preparation time looking for the perfect knitwear, nightwear, and jumpsuits?
We often hold a newborn baby clothes sale for new parents and those buying for new arrivals from season to season. We think it’s important that parents have access to affordable babywear as soon as the happy event comes to pass.
Why not prepare for the big day now and have some lovely clothes lined up for your new son or daughter? Make sure to check out our full range of charming and adorable baby outfits for boys and girls alike. We’ll soon let you know what we have in our range that’s available for discount.

Winter Baby Clothes Sale
Are you looking for a stylish and cosy way to dress your baby up for the cold months ahead? It makes sense to look for leading styles in winter baby clothes. You may wish to look for stylish, modern knitwear, for example, or cosy jumpers and tops that are likely to keep them happy and comfortable when the weather takes a turn for the worse.
Winter baby clothes should never be expensive. We understand that parents will be looking to save money on the best fashions and styles for their children no matter their age. Therefore, do make sure to get ahead of the pack and to check out the Daisies & Conkers winter baby clothes sale as soon as it arises!
We’ll be sure to cut rates on baby winter wear ahead of December, meaning you can be sure that you’re keeping your little ones cosy and protected against the worst that mother nature has to offer. Why should you have to pay more for poor quality baby winter clothing elsewhere? Check out the discounts we have to offer soon.
Or, why not take a look at our wider range for sale? It might surprise you just how affordable our general baby clothes lines actually are!

Summer Baby Clothes Sale
Of course, during the warmer months, you should always make sure that your little ones are kept cool and happy. Therefore, instead of wrapping them up in sweltering clothes and blankets, look for something a little brighter and breezier! Summer is also a great time of year to look for some of the most colourful clothing on the market, too.
Therefore, you’ll often find some brilliant, vibrant looks in our summer baby clothes sales. Whether you’re due to give birth in the summer or want to make sure you have a nice selection of clothes and accessories for your new arrival when the weather gets better, it’s always worth taking a sneak peek at our sale prices.
At Daisies & Conkers, we want to give you – and your baby – the best possible start in terms of great quality clothes. You already have a lot to think about before your son or daughter arrives – why add to it all by worrying about their first clothes?
Be sure to keep in touch with Daisies & Conkers – bookmark our online store, follow us online, and sign up for our emails. We’ll then let you know when we have some great prices on baby clothes you can rely on.