Daisies and Conkers help you discover beautifully designed fashion pieces for boys, girls and babies which are both elegant and affordable. Based in London, our children’s clothes are gorgeous, functional and hard-wearing- perfect for whatever occasion. From pretty dresses to adorable all-in-one baby rompers, there is plenty of choices for you to build the perfect wardrobe for your little girl or boy.

Fabulous products for girls

Each of our products are carefully designed and selected with comfort and style in mind. Whether you would prefer your little girl to have floral prints or cute love hearts, we have a huge section perfect for summer or winter seasons.

We also have baby blue rompers, which are perfect if you are looking for something other than pink for your little girl. Each item adds something a little extra to the design whether that’s the frilled neck trims or pretty bows, we have something for everyone.

Our summer season outfits include bold sunflower cotton prints and full airy skirts which are great for sunny days and holidays, allowing them to stand out while still being cool in the crisp cotton material.

If bold floral prints are not for you, we also have a French-inspired collection which comes in navy, white and beige colours and oozes sophistication. The dress comes with a full skirt and an integral petticoat or a cute little bonnet. Each design has gorgeous scalloped trim details around the neck and waist making them extra pretty.

Our knitted suit collection is perfect for any occasion. Bonnets and embroidered woven peter pan collars that bring the traditional look back into fashion. Make sure to wrap her up in our lovely comfy tops with contrasting knits, pretty knitted flowers and pink bows. We also have matching knitted trousers which will ensure your baby looks the best on every occasion.

Beautiful Boy Collection

At Daises and Conkers, we understand that boys can get messy after all as the saying goes ‘boys will be boys.’ We provide durable and comfortable clothes for your little ones.

Our clothes range from babies right through to the older boys. Each piece is stylish and fashionable for every occasion.

If you are looking for traditional, cute and cuddly pieces, then choose our gorgeous knitted sets for your baby. Our three-piece set of tops, trousers and bonnets in sky blue will ensure the baby stands out and looks great.

If you want to stay away from the typical blue colour, then choose our two-piece knit suit in silver or grey which also provides comfort in the stretch cotton yarn. The top is adorned with a gorgeous cable knit panel down the front and has a high neckline finished with a beautiful lace ribbon. We also have bloomers to match.

If you want something lighter for the summer weather, then choose our love hearted printed romper or short set. The lightweight cotton fabric and relaxed fit will be cool and airy while the cute styles ensure your baby looks stylish.

With our coordinated top and short sets, the toddlers will look so smart for any occasion. Our shirts and shorts go well with as mart cardigan, long socks and smart shoes and are great for a wedding or christening.

The Unisex Collection

Daises and Conkers provide collections that aren’t limited to traditional views and constraints. We have combined our collections with clothes that can be worn by either boys or girls. The gender blending movement has been part of the fashion industry for some years now, and like the biggest fashion brands, we understand the practicality and flexibility of a gender-neutral wardrobe. Gender blending is not a trend; it is a larger movement promoting unisex fashion. We believe that function and individuality are the more important than ever.

Our items include cardigans, tops, bottoms and rompers which are both stylish and chic. They are available in grey, beige and white with some hints of baby blue.

Our rompers are available in white cotton which is a great material to keep your little ones cool in the summer heat.


We have a dedicated section for our knitwear with an item such as cardigans, trousers, two pieces or three-piece outfits. We also have a Pom Pom hat which is available in four different colours perfect for the winter months.

Co-ordinate Siblings

Why not have your little ones in matching outfits?

We have the perfect collection of items to dress siblings in the same outfits, what a great idea for a special occasion.

Our sizes range from 3months-24months.

At Daises and Conkers, we believe that we can provide parents with stylish, good quality and comfortable clothing for their children at affordable prices. Our items are perfect for any occasion from weddings to christenings or even a trip to the park. Our items are timeless, beautiful and functional and with our outfit options for siblings, the whole family will look fabulous on any occasion. Shop now, and you won’t be disappointed.

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