I cried my eyes out when the sonographer told me I was having two boys, I was certain she had made a mistake and my little girl was in there somewhere.  I locked myself in the toilets at Epsom Hospital and cried so hard that my heart hurt.  Who was going to be my best friend, whose hair would I plait and who could I dress in cute little outfits.  I was so disappointed.  Jay already had two boys Alfie and Archie, they are not my birth boys, but they are my earth boys.


Image:  You can see Twin 1 Ralph’s nose and lips in the top left corner and Twin 2 Luca’s full face and arm


I really wanted to give Jay a little girl and I wanted that special mother and daughter bond that I share with my own mother.  I felt so guilty and selfish for feeling these emotions because I knew I had been blessed with two little boys and there were people out there who couldn’t have children or who had to undergo IVF treatment to become pregnant.

The only baby clothes I bought for the boys throughout my pregnancy were white and consisted of bodysuits, baby grows and cute little socks.  I also bought two cute little sky blue cardigans just in case they were both boys!  Deep down I was convinced they had got it wrong and I was having a boy and a girl.


Mother to two cute, little boys

I had an emergency caesarian at 37 weeks and I remember Jay taking us to the hospital, his speedy reactions saved mine and the boys live that night (that’s another story).  I heard the doctor when he delivered my first little boy Ralph ‘WOW’ he said ‘this baby is perfect, he is beautiful’ and he handed him to Jay.  He was absolutely gorgeous, and then my second baby cried and I felt so relieved because that’s when I knew my babies were safe.  ‘Another boy’ he shouted from behind the screen ‘he’s beautiful too’ and Luca was absolutely gorgeous.  I couldn’t have asked for more, I had become a mother to two cute, healthy little boys and they completely stole my heart.

They looked so tiny lying side by side in the hospital cot with their matching white outfits and cute little sky blue cardigans.  I was so proud of them and I couldn’t take my eyes off of these two little miracles.


Beautiful boy’s outfits

Our friends and family were brilliant we didn’t have to buy any baby clothes for the first year and we were showered with beautiful boys outfits.  All of the clothes we received coordinated with each other in some way or we were bought identical outfits to dress them in.  The boys looked so cute in their matching clothes.  I have never been one for garnish prints or colours on baby’s clothes and always opted for pretty colours in muted tones, I did dress the boys in bright pink and yellow too sometimes.

Going shopping for clothes with twin boys was a nightmare because logistically stores aren’t designed for twin prams to navigate freely; unless you do all of your shopping at Costco where the isles are like mini roads.


I’d be mid-shop and one of the boys would need a feed, nappy change or be sick and I would have to leave the store to tend to them while crashing my way through the merchandise.  When I was graced with a nap or contented baby’s and was able to shop I would struggle to buy boys clothes because I wanted their outfits to coordinate.  I would usually only see one outfit I liked in a whole range so I would just buy two of the same.  This was actually safer as I found out later during toddler play groups.  It was much easier to keep an eye on them in big groups when they were wearing the same outfits.  I would also struggle in store with sizes as there would rarely be two of the same size available to buy.  I was constantly being told ‘you can order it online’.

As a working mother time is precious and shopping trips with twin boys are planned like military operations, so returning home empty handed was so frustrating.  It seemed online shopping was the way forward for me.  I would rather order their clothes online and return them if they were not suitable than spending hours trawling the shops only to find one outfit available to buy.

Daisies and Conkers online baby boys clothes

That’s why my clothing brand Daisies and Conkers is available online.  It is for customer convenience and to help save parents time.  I also aim to provide parents with options to dress their little ones in coordinating outfits whether it is for day to day wear or for special occasions.  My own boys love to wear clothes that are soft, comfortable and functional, so they can play and explore freely.  The collection of boys clothes at Daisies and Conkers are lovely, cute and comfortable and are suitable for any occasion.