Welcome to the launch of Daisies and Conkers fashion for babies, toddlers and children. The collection is for little boys and girls aged 3m to 12y. We aim to combine comfort, style and affordable prices to create a capsule collection for children that is all about looking good and feeling comfortable.

Beautiful, cute, children’s clothes

My earliest childhood memories are of the beautiful, cute, children’s clothes my own mother used to dress me and my brothers in when we were little. We were often dressed in coordinating outfits, especially on special occasions. I guess I inherited my passion for fashion from my mother who always dressed and looked so naturally beautiful.

As I grew my passion grew with me, I studied Textiles at school and graduated with a BA Hons Degree from the London College of Fashion and went on to work in the fashion industry.

I had travelled the world when I was 21 and yearned to get another trip in before I settled down with children. My love for fashion came with me on my world trip and I became inspired and motivated to start my own clothing brand.

Beautiful, cute, clothes

Meantime, I become an auntie to Millie and Macy my two beautiful nieces. I loved spending time with them and buying them cute little girls clothes, but I longed for my own child for years.

When we found out we were pregnant with twins we fell in love instantly. Our little boys Ralph and Luca literally stole my heart and rocked my world, they are my whole life. I’m not going to lie in the early days it was really, really, really hard. I was sleep deprived for the first 18months, with endless feeding and nappy changes. I didn’t feel like ‘me’ anymore and that was really hard to deal with especially as my family and childhood friends didn’t live close by. Any aspirations of starting my own company were put on hold while I immersed myself in these beautiful, funny, crazy twin boys.

My boys were gorgeous, amazing little characters (they still are) yet I still felt very lonely. My boyfriend Jay was very good at getting us out of the house and we would take the boys for walks in their double pushchair. It was amazing how many people would stop us for a chat, we literally couldn’t go anywhere with our little boys. Everybody would stop us to see the boys and they would comment on how gorgeous they looked in their matching outfits. All of a sudden, everyone was a twin or knew a twin and these people were so excited to exchange stories with us. It was lovely. These little chats picked me up when I was feeling down, comforted me when I was lonely and reminded me that I had been blessed with two beautiful, healthy boys.

I was always being asked where I had bought their clothes from, whether it was their trendy hats, short sets or cute braces. This amazed me because I really struggled shopping for baby boys clothes, I couldn’t find outfits that co-ordinated nicely with each other, so most of the time I ended up dressing them exactly the same. Their lovely comments about the boys outfits encouraged me to think of ways I could follow my passion without jeopardising precious time with my children. I started to think about how the love of my boys and love of fashion could come together.

Daisies and Conkers the name behind the brand

Most of my happiest childhood memories were playing in the park with my family. Making daisy chains for my mother and collecting conkers with my dad and brothers. My mum always wore her daisies with such pride and my dad and brothers would spend ages looking for that special conker that would beat all others in a game of conkers.

My little boys Ralph and Luca go to a Forest School in Surrey and love to pick daisies and collect conkers too. My heart melts every time they hand me one because they bring back so many beautiful memories, and now my cute boys are creating so many more! And that’s how the name Daisies and Conkers came about.

The idea behind Daisies and Conkers children’s fashion brand is to provide parents with coordinating, stylish, comfortable, good quality clothes for their children at affordable prices. The children’s fashion market is booming with beautiful brands offering gorgeous clothes, but most of them are very expensive. As a mother of multiples I understand how expensive clothing the family can be. I want to dress my children in good quality fashionable clothes at affordable prices, which I am sure is the same for every mother, whether you have one child or more. I hope by providing a collection of coordingting children’s outfits and providing cheap prices that I am able to help you dress your little ones for less. Our clothes are timeless, beautiful and functional and I hope by providing outfit options for siblings that the whole family will look fabulous on any occasion.

Thank you for sharing my story…